Hedonic Adaptation

This is another concept that was very liberating to me in the book 'The How of Happiness' by Sonja Lyubomirsky. Basically the crux of 'Hedonic Adaptation' is that the author says we human beings are one of the fastest species to adapt to change (of any kind)

So whether there is a happy turn of events or a downfall we quickly adapt... before we know and realize it.

Of course how fast we adapt definitely varies from one person to another... but overall this is true for all of us.

This just makes so much sense right? I mean think about it... a new job... falling in love... first car, marriage, having kids... all of this seems great for the first few weeks, months or in some cases years. But eventually everything wears off at some point, right?

This is probably why people can even get over some of the worst nightmares like sudden demise of a loved one, losing an arm, a leg...

Then it becomes your norm and  we look for the next thing to do, or make something that you have as your norm even better, right?

This concept was a great realization because the minute I seem to compare myself with someone else's situation, good or bad fortune, I get reminded of everyone's threshold for 'Hedonic Adaptation' and I think "Hmm this may seem great for a while, but I will get used to this as well and then what?"

Having a hold on ourselves during vulnerable moments with the aid of concepts and tools from intellectual books & people is such a plus dont' you think?