wine tasting

Picking Walnut, Choosing Paint, Tasting wine!

The story of December 2015

This quote below sums up my life this last month of 2015 pretty accurately :)


And as part that, I've been shopping for walnut for the bar top. I had no idea until I visited this hardwood shop in SF that, walnut is the most gorgeous thing! Its this warm, huggable lumber that I just wanted to keep gazing at....Don't believe me? Check this picture out!

Yes, there were some knots - but isn't that what gives character to the wood? Just like our flaws and idiosyncrasies make us who we are? Sorry to get so philosophical - I'll just blame it on this one hell of an exhausting day and week!



Kalamata is the new Mauve!

Two colors weaken my knees - mauve and olive green. Somehow olive green did not fit the whole interior my designer and I pictured. So mauve it is! We were paint shopping on 24th Street and we both had an idea for what we were looking. My designer had mocked up a couple of images of eggplant like purple and shades of gray & pink. Eggplant like purple being on the forefront. After several hours of squinting at shades... we found it! Kalamata - the label said. We decided to paint Kalamata and another sample (a couple of shades darker) on the walls of the space. This was to see how the 2 shades would fare in late afternoon/evening timeframe - when Indian Paradox will be open anyway. And, it looked like this....see below:

2 shades of Kalamata...

2 shades of Kalamata...

This photo does not do justice, but the ligher kalamata (color on the left of the niche) just did it for me! It was this cozy color that I was looking for - and it represents some color palettes of younger wines: win-win!


Swirlin & Sippin

My most favorite part of this project has been on-going for a couple of weeks - wine tasting!

I tasted with a couple of distributors and some wines blew me away! I can't wait to create a wine list with all these amazing wines I have been tasting - so stay tuned good folks!

Until next year, I'd like to leave you with this wonderful image ;) - which is to become my life (for the most part) very soon!


Cheers y'all and happy holidays!!