Photo Courtesy: Shelah Osbrink

The Beginning

I am Kavitha - originally from the southernmost state (Tamil Nadu) of India. I was raised entirely in the capital city of Chennai (used to be known as Madras).

About a decade and some years ago I took my first flight (ever!) to Uncle Sam’s land.

And life has never been the same ever since.

I came to the US to pursue my Masters in Electrical Engineering (E.E).

After completing that, I moved to the Golden state looking for a job - hoping that will help payback my humongous student loans.

My hopes paid off. But strangely enough, something else that I least expected also happened – the Silicon Valley known for its startups, technology and venture capitalists is also famous for its infective wine bug.

And I was no exception - I was bitten, smitten and enamored intensely by this intriguing beverage, especially coming from a culture that had very little exposure to this.

What began as fun trips to the wine country and exotic food & wine pairing experiences in the great city of San Francisco… slowly transformed in to something more deep and passionate than just a fun hobby.

As a result, I started pursuing both academic and hands-on experience in wine.

On the academic front, I passed the Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) exam (with a 94%) through the Society of Wine Educators (SWE) in 2012. Next, I passed the Certified Sommelier (level 2) exam through the Court of Master Sommeliers (CMS) in 2013.

For being hands-on, I worked part-time in a wine bar in the south bay city of San Jose (for the most of 2012). And then with the desire to gain exposure to working in a 'city' wine bar, I worked another part-time gig (as wine bar associate) in downtown San Francisco in 2013.

In parallel, I also started some ‘product development’ in my favorite domain of pairing Indian food and vino.

After all these years of pursuing my passion in Indian food & wine, I finally decided to take my dream to a reality and open my very own wine bar in my favorite city - and boy has it been one exciting ride!

Come visit me at my bar located at 258 Divisadero in San Francisco and enjoy the Paradox!

About Indian Paradox

What is up with the name?

The reason for this name is two-fold:

1) Indian cuisine (especially Indian street food) unlike, say the French cuisine is not what you associate with fine dining, and the whole charade that comes with it. And wine on the contrary, is all about etiquette, a certain presentation style, behavior and tasting manners that sometimes borders on a snobbish attitude for some.

So the Indian Paradox is the place that brings these two paradoxical aspects together.

2) Heard about the French Paradox? Well, this is the Indian Paradox, which (unlike the French Paradox) has none of the complicated hypothesis or the statistical illusion - but only involves the goodness of delicious Indian food, paired with ever more delicious wine!