Showcasing unique Indian street food from all regions of India, paired with eclectic international wines.


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The Paradox

Chaats are unforgettable memories of gastronomy for anyone raised in India. 

The loud noises of the steel spatulas banging against cast iron skillets, the aromas of the freshly ground spices and sauces, the warmth of street vendors serving a cool and flavorful Dahi Puri or a spicy Shish Kabab…that is the nostalgia of exploring the ‘khau gallis’ of India.

Even today alcohol is taboo in several parts of India. And to pair wine with the street foods is still unheard of (and yet absolutely delicious in our humble opinion!).

Indian Paradox is the love letter to all our nostalgic Chaats paired with perfectly balanced wine on the vibrant streets of India.